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Hi, I'm Ezekiel Ong

Founded Animal Communications Singapore in 2013

🌟 Introducing Ezekiel Ong Kok Meng, The Voice of Animals! 🐾

Ezekiel Ong Kok Meng is a remarkable individual dedicated to being the voice of animals as an esteemed Animal Communicator. With his extraordinary ability to hear and receive messages from pets, he bridges the communication gap between animals and their human companions, offering invaluable insights and deepening the bond between them.

🐾 Founder of Animal Communications Singapore:
Ezekiel is the esteemed founder of Animal Communications Singapore, a leading platform that serves as a conduit for meaningful connections between pets and their owners. With his innate gift and compassionate nature, Ezekiel acts as a messenger, transmitting the thoughts, emotions, and needs of animals to their human counterparts. Through Animal Communications Singapore, Ezekiel empowers pet owners to understand their furry friends at a profound level, fostering love, harmony, and a deeper sense of companionship.


✨ Mentor and Advocate for Animal Communication:
Ezekiel's dedication goes beyond his own practice as an Animal Communicator. He is passionately committed to sharing his knowledge and expertise with aspiring communicators. As a mentor, Ezekiel guides and nurtures individuals, empowering them to awaken their own intuitive abilities and embark on a transformative journey of connecting with animals on a soul-to-soul level. His mentorship programs provide aspiring communicators with the skills, confidence, and ethical practices necessary to serve as compassionate advocates for animals.


🌍 Founder of Animal Communications & Healing Academy:
Recognizing the importance of comprehensive training in the field of Animal Communication, Ezekiel established the Animal Communications & Healing Academy. This esteemed institution offers professional certification programs and workshops that equip students with the necessary tools and techniques to communicate effectively with animals. Through this Academy, Ezekiel continues to inspire and educate individuals across Asia, enabling them to embark on a meaningful career as Animal Communicators, enriching the lives of both animals and their human companions.


📚 Prolific Reviews and Testimonials:
Ezekiel's exceptional talent and unwavering commitment have touched the lives of numerous pet owners. His transformative work has been widely recognized and appreciated, as reflected in the multitude of positive reviews and testimonials he has received. Pet owners consistently express gratitude for Ezekiel's ability to provide them with a deeper understanding of their pets and the invaluable guidance he offers in nurturing their relationships. These reviews highlight the profound impact Ezekiel has made as an Animal Communicator.


🐾 Connect with Animal Communications Singapore via the Admin Team:
Embark on a transformative journey of communication and connection with your pets by reaching out to Ezekiel Ong Kok Meng's dedicated Admin Team. Connect with them through the Animal Communications Singapore Facebook page at, where they will be delighted to assist you in exploring the range of services and resources available. Discover how the expertise of Ezekiel's can help you gain profound insights into your pets' world, strengthen your bond, and create a more fulfilling relationship.



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Forever grateful to my mentor and friend, Rosina Maria Arquati.

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